Ms J S

Family Law - Financial - Divorce 

My Story

I was recommended to a legal firm after my marriage breakdown.  Initially starting off with another lawyer within the firm, I was then referred to Chess Cheng who took over my case.


Trying to sort out my settlement was difficult, It proved to be quite a challenge at times.  However, Chess always made me feel like it was going to be ok, that we just had to hang in there.  Sometimes it was one step forward and two steps back.  But through it all, Chess always stayed positive even when I felt like I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


With each visit and each court case, he would explain things to me so that I not only understood but giving me the reassurance I needed.  After many attempts, signatures were finally put onto the settlement papers and lodged with the court.  We reached the amount we were aiming for, mainly because Chess kept at it for me.


When it came to filing for divorce, Chess drew up the papers, lodged them with the court and then organised for the papers to be served.  It took the stress off me and was done within a couple of days.


Everything was finalised and I couldn’t thank Chess enough for everything he did for me.  He has such a caring nature and I would recommend him to anyone that is in the same position as I was in.  He will get the results you want.

Mr T R

Employment Law - unfair dismissal 

My Story


Chess was very courteous and friendly in helping me with my case.


My case was an unfair dismissal case. He was very knowledgeable in law and its practices.  He knew what was best for me and he would fight to achieve those aims. 


He was very sympathetic to my situation. His ideas were correct and you could not question his drive and determination to achieve what was best for me.


I thank him very much for all his help. He was nothing but a perfect gentleman. He had very good negotiation skills in getting the best deal possible. I have nothing but admiration he Chess and the effort that he put into the case.



Ms B M

Family Law - Financial 

My Story




Thank you for being so diligent and hardworking with our family court orders. Your honesty, support and integrity were appreciated every step of the way and it was a smooth and flawless process with an exceptional outcome. It was a pleasure to work with you.


Kind regards

B M 

Ms X Z

Family Law - parenting and property settlement 

My Story


It is very nice of you. You are even better than a psychologist. After talking with you, I am not afraid of the worst result. Thank you. 

Mrs T W

Property - Family Law

My Story




I first approached Chess in June this year to seek assistance and engage his service. I was looking to place a Caveat on the property I reside in which is the family home. My husband left me for my best friend ... and although he engaged a lawyer to settle everything with the Form 11 with the Court Orders, there was still the issue of our property being soley in his name.


This is where Chess came to my rescue. I cannot be more appreciative than i am. Chess had the expertise, patience and the compassion to care enough to continue going back to Landgate ... 


Nothing was too troublesome for Chess. To alleviate more greif on my part, he kindly paid for each required form at Landgates' request.  When reimbursing him, I realised that he goes over and beyond his call of duty to help.


His costs are kept to a minimum because of low overhead expenses. His work is faultless, he is honest, easy to work with and his professionalism is to be highly respected.  His in depth knowledge of the Law is to be commended and because in my experience with Chess I would highly recommend him to anyone who requires Legal help or advice. I can't thank you enough for helping me Chess.  I wish you all the very best in your business. 


kind regards,

T  W   

Mr G S


My Story

I, as the executor of a will engaged the services of Chess for the purpose of preparing the documents and making the application for probate to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.


My understanding at that time was that it could take anything from three to six months to have the probate approved by the courts. Chess was able to achieve this in a matter of three weeks.


In my dealings with Chess I found him to be the most polite and honest person I have come across, he is extremely diligent and knowledgeable in his assessments.

His ability to process and have the probate approved in such a short time was greatly appreciated by all.


Well done Chess and it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Mrs V B

Property Law 

My Story

Thank you for all your help and advice and I do agree it was worthwhile. 

The time that you gave me at such short notice was much appreciated and I truly  left your office feeling much better.  I do thank you for being upfront and honest  with your advice and will have no hesitation and recommendation recommending you.


Kind regards



Ms C F

Property Settlement and Divorce

My Story



[Translation: when I was prepared to apply for divorce with my former husband, it was difficult for me because my English was not good. It was fortunate I met Chess. He helped me prepare all the documents and soon after the divorce was granted.  After that, I bought a block of land in a new development.  I did not really understand the contract.  I also asked Chess to do the transaction for me. Chess was not only efficient and effective but his fees were very reasonable compared to that other lawyers would have charged.  He helped me save a lot of money and I thank him from my heart]

Mr M O 

Family Law - Financial Matter

My Story

I engaged the services of Chess as my family court legal advisor and family court lawyer in 2015 until 2017.

I found Chess to be a very down to earth, polite and caring person who has a passion for his job like it is life. He is an accommodating person, honest in his assessments and supportive of his client.

Chess was very passionate about achieving the best outcome possible for me, he worked beyond the time he charged to enable the best preparation possible previous to any court appearance.

He stood up in the court for what he believed was right and not just for what was necessary even if it upset the judicial officer.

I found Chess to be a very moral and giving person who strives to achieve the best outcome for his clients.


Chess treated me as a personal friend and not just as a number for financial gain which enabled him to understand my personal situation which meant he was better equipped to represent me in front of the judge.

Mr K P

General Civil - Debt Collection

My Story


I contracted Chess to work on a difficult interstate sale issue that was costing me a lot of money. Chess was straight to the point and got me a speedy, satisfactory solution after I had been trying myself for several months.


I would recommend him as someone who is quick, efficient and confident in the work he does. He gave me the information I needed in a timely manner so I always knew where I was up to.


Mr  J M

General Civil -  Taxation Dispute with the ATO 

My Story

I had the occasion to use Chess’s expertise when dealing with the Australian Taxation Office.


I had not completed any returns for some years owing to personal circumstance and had accrued a bill of $80,000.00.


This was a complete unmanageable amount mostly comprising of fines and charges. Of course, I rang several times, always speaking to a different person who always offered contradicting advice.


When I contacted ATO again, my previous agreement with ATO how to manage the debt was refuted and I was back to square one.


Of course, I wrote explaining my circumstances and the reasons, asking for consideration in regards to the excessive amount for fines etc.  This was refused and the ATO started to consider debt collection.


I took the whole saga to Chess and asked for help.

Chess contacted the ATO by phone several times wrote letters explaining the situation and asking for common sense to prevail and accept an amounted that I could pay.


His appeals on my behalf were successful and the result was a debt of $12,000.00 which was manageable by me.


Chess was easy to contact by phone and email very easy to talk to and always attentive. This was important to me as I now live in Mandurah and did not want to commit time driving up and down.


The experience was not stressful to me, resulted in a reduction of debt and ended with a decision I could accept, which was all down to Chess’s negotiating skills all of which I am grateful for.

Mr J C

General Civil - Business Commercial 

My Story

Dear Chess,

I engaged you as my lawyer for commercial lease settlement and other legal advice in the past.  I found that your professional legal advice which helped the situation go very smoothly

Your multilingual skills also help me understand the case much better.  Most importantly, your personality is very easy to approach and friendly

Last but not least, your legal cost is fair.  Therefore, I will definitely engage you again in the future, and recommend to my friends if they need any legal advice.


Until then, I wish you all the best in your new firm and will keep in touch.


Mr M S

Family Law - Property Settlement 

My Story

Recently, Chess helped me to negotiate a family law issue regarding a divorce property settlement.


Chess was very easy to work with and provided good sound advice which gave me a better outcome than what I had expected.


I found Chess was always straight to the point and didn't waste time, but was direct and got things done in a timely fashion, and I would have no problems recommending Chess in helping with this type of issue (family law).

Mr M F

Family Law - Financial Settlement - Commercial Litigation  

My Story

I first met Chess Cheng, when a legal company which were representing me in a Family Law settlement case, assigned him to my case.


My case had been handled by 3 other Lawyers and it was dragging on, Chess, grabbed it by the horns and started things moving.


He pursued all avenues and in a pleasant manner got it going, he was diligent in the actions he took, always looking out for my interest.


We finally ended up in the court and he was able to do some fair negotiation to get it settle.


I also during this time had a litigation issue happening in my business and decided to have Chess handle this for me.


He explored the avenues and presented a case, that was successful for me and I was very pleased with the outcome.


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